How to Keep Your Dog Entertained during Lockdown

We are all going through a rough patch and these are some crazy times, but at least we have the ability to listen to the news and understand for ourselves what is going on. Unfortunately, our furry companions do not have such privilege and a lot of them are suffering during this lockdown. This article is aimed at all dog owners who due to underlying health conditions, or an imposed 2-week quarantine, are struggling to keep their dog entertained. With this article, whether you are fortunate enough to have a property on several acres, or you are in a tiny flat in a bustling city centre, I hope to shed some light and make your life (as well as your dog’s) a bit more bearable during this lockdown. Continue reading “How to Keep Your Dog Entertained during Lockdown”

Managing Arthritis in Senior Dogs: 3 Steps for Success

Senior Dog


Managing Arthritis in Senior Dogs: 3 Steps for Success


It’s hard to watch a beloved dog grow old, especially when the simple act of getting up from a lying position or taking a leisurely walk outdoors becomes a struggle. But like aging humans, senior dogs are susceptible to osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease, and the condition can be painfully debilitating. Fortunately, there are steps you can take, including a variety of treatment options, to help your furry friend maintain good quality of life for years to come. Here’s how to manage arthritis in a senior dog so you can keep him happy, healthy, and comfortably mobile: Continue reading “Managing Arthritis in Senior Dogs: 3 Steps for Success”

My Dog & Covid



Dog walking in empty streetsSince the Covid 19 pandemic, we have all had to address a completely new way of living and working, in addition our pets have also had to cope with a new household dynamic, this may include reduced or even zero walks, larger and noisier households and possibly illness.  There may  also be additional stress and tension. So how does “My Dog and Covid” 19 (Cornavrius) cope and live together in the new world. Continue reading “My Dog & Covid”

Best Orthopedic Dog Beds – Reviews

Image by Pexels

Recently I have noticed Dolly, my 14 year old Westie, is very stiff upon waking, it takes her a while to stretch and walk and seems to be in a bit of pain, similar in many ways to me upon waking. I have the luxury of a memory foam mattress and know the difference it can make to stiff joints and getting a good night’s sleep. So I began to think is there something similar for dogs. I found there was indeed something similar for dogs. Continue reading “Best Orthopedic Dog Beds – Reviews”

How To Keep Your Dog Occupied – 5 Best Ideas

Keeping Your Dog Occupied 

Dogs can have a low boredom threshold when left alone, some can suffer with boredom or it may escalate to “separation anxiety”,  the result can often end with you being greeted on return to the home with an unholy mess. Dolly as mentioned in previous posts could suffer with boredom,  my new job was keeping me away for longer.  How did I keep my dog occupied when away from home?  I found the answer with food.

Continue reading “How To Keep Your Dog Occupied – 5 Best Ideas”

Should I Buy a Designer Dog?





Should I buy a designer dog? Since the first designer dog was created in Australia by Wally Cochran, the trend for producing designer dog breeds has increased dramatically. Some people are unhappy with the new designer dog trend and are concerned about the future health problems these dogs may face. This article aims to help people understand more about designer dogs, together with the darker side of the industry and how to avoid. Continue reading “Should I Buy a Designer Dog?”

Help Paying Vet Bills: Cant Afford What to do




Your dog is seriously unwell, you do not have Pet Insurance and have just been told that for your dog to live he needs an operation. You do not have that kind of income what can you do? This was something that happened to  us when a much loved family dog had become ill for the second time with the same condition and therefore Pet Insurance funding was not an option. We  subsequently went through a lot of worry. I did a fair amount of research and would like to give you some degree of comfort by offering how you can find help paying the vet bills when you can’t afford to do so. Continue reading “Help Paying Vet Bills: Cant Afford What to do”