My Dog Is Afraid of Fireworks – Tips & Solutions

Firework Display

Last week I heard and saw (out the window) the first Firework display, I know this will be the first of many and my heart sunk. It is a time of deep dread as my dog is afraid of fireworks. She will constantly run around the house barking and is frantic with pent-up fear and anxiety. She doesn’t understand and the loud boom of a firework (or thunder clap) and is something that scares the “be-jesus” out of her. Continue reading “My Dog Is Afraid of Fireworks – Tips & Solutions”

Caring For Small Dog Breeds – Choosing The Right Dog For You

Small Breed

Caring for Small Dog Breeds


Understanding the needs of a small breed dog is important, as their care can vary from the larger varieties. Small breeds, such as Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, and Yorkshire terriers, typically weigh less than 22 pounds and stand at under 16 inches. Breeds in this category tend to live longer than larger breeds however they can be prone to one or two health issues like hip dysplasia and patella luxation. If you have limited space in your home, then a small dog may make the perfect companion for you.

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Do I Or Don’t I Crate My Dog – Is it Really Cruel to Use A Cage?

Dog in Crate


When is it ok To Crate or cage your Dog or is it never ok to cage your dog. This question has been put to me several times since my recent post about adoption of an adult dog, so I thought it time to write a blog post on this very subject “Do I Or Don’t I Crate My Dog?” That is the question.

Short Answer

Without appearing to sit on the fence. Yes and No. Sometimes it is, and often it is most definitely not ok to cage your dog. Let me show you! Continue reading “Do I Or Don’t I Crate My Dog – Is it Really Cruel to Use A Cage?”

How To Adopt A Rescue Dog – Taking Out The Risks

Sunset Family landscape

I have been talking to a friend where we discussed adopting an adult dog, taking out and avoiding the risks; in particular how to adopt a rescue dog. On the one hand it seems a beautiful and charitable thing to do but on the other there is the risk of not knowing if his background will be problematic


You Have Made The Decision To Adopt An Adult Dog

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Fitbark Review – Triumph Or Waste Of Money

Activity monitor for your Dog. So why would you? And what are you getting for your money?dog running in a field

Today we will review the most popular although not necessarily the cheapest. The Fitbark, from the makers of Fitbit, this company have a lot of experience and kudos behind the name and give confidence. In addition, many dog owners have their own Fitbit which can of course be paired making it more cost effective.

Fitbark arrived onto our markets 2 years ago and have recently introduced the latest upgrade. Fitbark 2

Today we will be reviewing and also looking at its nearest competitor.

What Are Dog Activity Monitors & How Accurate are they.

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Exercising With The Dog – 8 Good Ideas & A Gadget

girl with red coat walking the dog

How can it be possible to exercise with the Dog?

Actually easier than you may think and if you have a dog that is a little on the chubby side (like Dolly, my Westie) and if you also have a body which requires more than just a diet overhaul, then why not incorporate exercise for the both of you, it is often lots of fun and a good use of time as this is often in short supply.

I have been doing some research on what I can do with a somewhat sedantry dog and an even more sedentary (me)

Top 8 Ideas.

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