How to Keep Your Dog Entertained during Lockdown

We are all going through a rough patch and these are some crazy times, but at least we have the ability to listen to the news and understand for ourselves what is going on. Unfortunately, our furry companions do not have such privilege and a lot of them are suffering during this lockdown. This article is aimed at all dog owners who due to underlying health conditions, or an imposed 2-week quarantine, are struggling to keep their dog entertained. With this article, whether you are fortunate enough to have a property on several acres, or you are in a tiny flat in a bustling city centre, I hope to shed some light and make your life (as well as your dog’s) a bit more bearable during this lockdown. Continue reading “How to Keep Your Dog Entertained during Lockdown”

Managing Arthritis in Senior Dogs: 3 Steps for Success

Senior Dog


Managing Arthritis in Senior Dogs: 3 Steps for Success


It’s hard to watch a beloved dog grow old, especially when the simple act of getting up from a lying position or taking a leisurely walk outdoors becomes a struggle. But like aging humans, senior dogs are susceptible to osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease, and the condition can be painfully debilitating. Fortunately, there are steps you can take, including a variety of treatment options, to help your furry friend maintain good quality of life for years to come. Here’s how to manage arthritis in a senior dog so you can keep him happy, healthy, and comfortably mobile: Continue reading “Managing Arthritis in Senior Dogs: 3 Steps for Success”

My Dog & Covid



Dog walking in empty streetsSince the Covid 19 pandemic, we have all had to address a completely new way of living and working, in addition our pets have also had to cope with a new household dynamic, this may include reduced or even zero walks, larger and noisier households and possibly illness.  There may  also be additional stress and tension. So how does “My Dog and Covid” 19 (Cornavrius) cope and live together in the new world. Continue reading “My Dog & Covid”

Best Orthopedic Dog Beds – Reviews

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Recently I have noticed Dolly, my 14 year old Westie, is very stiff upon waking, it takes her a while to stretch and walk and seems to be in a bit of pain, similar in many ways to me upon waking. I have the luxury of a memory foam mattress and know the difference it can make to stiff joints and getting a good night’s sleep. So I began to think is there something similar for dogs. I found there was indeed something similar for dogs.



The research commenced, during which I found many styles, types (and prices) of The Best Orthopaedic beds for dogs.


I looked mostly for quality reviews, bedding type, value for money and those which have a good and respected manufacturer. In addition I looked at the manufacturers research and where they are located. I found that as expected there are quite a few for sale which are “copycats” and do not offer the same benefits, so in essence you would be simply purchasing a more expensive dog bed rather than the orthopedic bed for which it was intended.

What is the Difference Between A Standard Dog Bed & Orthopedic Dog Bed


I guess this is a good place to start, Wikipedia defines an orthopedic mattress as one “designed to support the joints, back, and overall body.” Just like a human mattress, some are better than others for those of us who suffer with arthritic pain. Memory foam mattresses have come a long way since they were first launched and the choice can be intimidating. The mattress which offers a better support for the body (overall) is what appears to separate the difference between standard bed and orthopedic bed.


Does A Dog Really Benefit Or Need Such A Thing.



Short answer is yes, apparently 9 out of 10 dogs suffer with joint pain. I can certainly confirm that all of our dogs throughout their lifetime have suffered, at some point with joint pain and required remedial action. As they get older they sleep for longer which can aggravate the joint pain if sleeping with poor support. They like us find a mattress with little or no support to be detrimental to a good night’s sleep.


As previously mentioned I commenced some fairly robust research, I looked at the qualities of the bed and the benefits it would or could offer my dog, I also looked at (many) reviews on “Trust Pilot” and finally value for money, although on this occasion “value for money” was not going to be the leading advantage.

As a good crime writer would say “Let’s Look at the Evidence”

The Most Popular and the one which had overall the best reviews.

This was an easy find and this bed type came up time and time again during my research,

Its Pet Fusion and offers the ultimate in comfort for both feline and dogs

Pet Fusion, The Ultimate 2.5” memory foam Mattress for cats and small, Medium & Large Dogs, .

This does come in a range of 3 colours and sizes for “>Small Large and Very Large Dogs


Why I liked this bed and why is it voted “The Most Popular Orthopedic Bed for your Dog”


The simple answer is because it is the most popular bed choice. If an owner has taken the trouble to consider their Dogs sleep quality and pain reducing sleep then rest assured they are a demanding market. Will not hesitate to let other owners know of benefits and will offer complaints and compliments in equal measure. This Bed is the most popular Orthopedic bed with many of the Pet Stores, the excellent reiews are numbeed in their thousands. Unsurprisingly it is the most popular choice on Amazon.


I have found Amazon to be the most competitive.


>>>>Click here for further information and sizes. <<<<

Comes in a range of sizes from Small, Large, Ex Large and Jumbo.

Jumbo size is one of the few on the market which is suitable for the very largest of breeds like Great Danes Lurchers and Wolf Hounds


Prices from £49:95 – £179




Having looked at “Most Popular” (for good reason)


We next looked at what is arguably “The Best”





The Best Orthopedic Bed For Your Dog

I did a little more scientific research, this looked specifically with dogs who suffer with more than just joint pain and those who have been diagnosed with Arthritis, by the very nature it included senior dogs.

Overall the Bed which kept coming out top and one recommended by many is the Happy Hound Oscar Orthopedic Dog Bed. It is easy access for an old dog, offers exceptional support and is also waterproof. The Microfibre is washable and breathable.


The cost range is £105 – £150 and comes in a range of sizes Ex Small, Small, Medium and Large

Extra Small – £115 (suit a small lap dog like Chihuahua, or toy Yorkie)

Small – £105 (Suit a terrier type, Pug, or small dog)

Medium – £108 (suit a Spaniel or mid range dog)

Large – £150 This is a 36-inch by 48 inch bed so will suit most large dog breeds

Why I like this bed.


As mentioned it is easy access, so dogs who really struggle to walk on waking will find they do not fall when getting off the bed, equally the support offered for the Dog is exceptional. Your dog will be saying thank you after just one night.


Finally, we looked at:

The Best Value Orthopedic Bed For Your Dog

The Dogs Bed


Hands down in this category, is a bed called “The Dogs Bed”, (see what they did there) it offers exceptional value and yet continually gets great reviews. If you want a good nights sleep for your dog with easy access and are on a budget then look no further


Why I like this and why it made it to the top three,


Largely choice, value and reviews. It comes in a whole range of sizes, with spare covers (should you wish), also with liners, for those dogs who may be a little incontinent it also comes in a large colour range of trims. Which is great if you have more than one dog. Customer Service is also high on the review site and offers a good response time. Lastly but not leastly was of course the cost.


Prices range from

  • Small (All small breeds and terriers) £34
  • Medium (Spaniels) £49:99
  • Large (Labs, Retrievers) £69:99
  • Ex Large (German Shepard size Dogs) £95
  • XXL (Great Dane size ) £99:99
  • XXXL (more than one dog) £129:99

. >>>>Click Here For Further Information Sizes & Aparel <<<<


There are many Dog Beds on the market and many that I liked and could recommend. However, the feed back I am getting is “Keep it Simple” It can be confusing and intimidating. Especially when you are unsure you are getting value. For this reason I have chosen to keep it to choice of Three.

* Most Popular Orthopedic

* Best Orthopedic

* Best Value Orthopedic


From these you will find the most suitable for the Dog in your life, with many choices of size, colours, and “add-ons”


The three choices have one thing in common, they have been designed and specifically for the purpose of a dog with joint pain and or Arthritis and earned the title of being classified as an Orthopedic Bed for your dog.


I would welcome your comments below and what works for you.




Cordelia & Dolly

NB The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noted the spelling of Orthapaedic is spelt the American way, this is simply so Google will recognise, it is not a spelling mistake.

As an Affiliate I earn small commission from the attached links. (There are no additional costs to the purchaser )

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Amazon and Manufactuer

And my own library

How To Keep Your Dog Occupied – 5 Best Ideas

Keeping Your Dog Occupied 

Dogs can have a low boredom threshold when left alone, some can suffer with boredom or it may escalate to “separation anxiety”,  the result can often end with you being greeted on return to the home with an unholy mess. Dolly as mentioned in previous posts could suffer with boredom,  my new job was keeping me away for longer.  How did I keep my dog occupied when away from home?  I found the answer with food.

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Should I Buy a Designer Dog?





Should I buy a designer dog? Since the first designer dog was created in Australia by Wally Cochran, the trend for producing designer dog breeds has increased dramatically. Some people are unhappy with the new designer dog trend and are concerned about the future health problems these dogs may face. This article aims to help people understand more about designer dogs, together with the darker side of the industry and how to avoid. Continue reading “Should I Buy a Designer Dog?”

Help Paying Vet Bills: Cant Afford What to do




Your dog is seriously unwell, you do not have Pet Insurance and have just been told that for your dog to live he needs an operation. You do not have that kind of income what can you do? This was something that happened to  us when a much loved family dog had become ill for the second time with the same condition and therefore Pet Insurance funding was not an option. We  subsequently went through a lot of worry. I did a fair amount of research and would like to give you some degree of comfort by offering how you can find help paying the vet bills when you can’t afford to do so. Continue reading “Help Paying Vet Bills: Cant Afford What to do”