Should I Buy a Designer Dog ?





Should I buy a designer dog? Since the first designer dog was created in Australia by Wally Cochran, the trend for producing designer dog breeds has increased dramatically. Some people are unhappy with the new designer dog trend and are concerned about the future health problems these dogs may face. This article aims to help people understand more about designer dogs, together with the darker side of the industry and how to avoid. Continue reading “Should I Buy a Designer Dog ?”

Help Paying Vet Bills: Cant Afford What to do




Your dog is seriously unwell, you do not have Pet Insurance and have just been told that for your dog to live he needs an operation. You do not have that kind of income what can you do? This was something that happened to  us when a much loved family dog had become ill for the second time with the same condition and therefore Pet Insurance funding was not an option. We  subsequently went through a lot of worry. I did a fair amount of research and would like to give you some degree of comfort by offering how you can find help paying the vet bills when you can’t afford to do so. Continue reading “Help Paying Vet Bills: Cant Afford What to do”

Helping My Dog Give Birth: Items To Keep On Hand

newborn puppy

Proper preparation for the birth of puppies can make the event much less stressful. Most dogs do well with minimal intervention. There are a few items, however, that should be available for proper care and emergencies. There can be problems, messes and special needs for the mum. Do a little research and shopping ahead of time to get ready for the big day you will feel confident helping your dog give birth.
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Indoor Pet Cameras – Useful or Just Another Gadget

The Best 4 Pet Cams


Why Do I need a Pet Cam – Is it Just Another Fancy Gadget?

There could be a few reasons why you are reading this blog, perhaps your dog is suffering with Separation Anxiety, or your dog is new to your household, could be he is a bit mischievous when you are absent, or you have been told by the neighbours he barks a lot. What ever your reason, you are looking for a possible solution and feel a Pet Camera may be the answer. They have improved hugely over the last few years. More affordable, easy to use and operate from your mobile and should you require can even talk to your dogs through the camera. Looking at specifically Indoor Pet Cameras, but not just for your dog they can be used for a good deal of other surveillance situations.

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My Dog Is Afraid of Fireworks – Tips & Solutions

Firework Display

Last week I heard and saw (out the window) the first Firework display, I know this will be the first of many and my heart sunk. It is a time of deep dread as my dog is afraid of fireworks. She will constantly run around the house barking and is frantic with pent-up fear and anxiety. She doesn’t understand and the loud boom of a firework (or thunder clap) and is something that scares the “be-jesus” out of her. Continue reading “My Dog Is Afraid of Fireworks – Tips & Solutions”

Caring For Small Dog Breeds – Choosing The Right Dog For You

Small Breed

Caring for Small Dog Breeds


Understanding the needs of a small breed dog is important, as their care can vary from the larger varieties. Small breeds, such as Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, and Yorkshire terriers, typically weigh less than 22 pounds and stand at under 16 inches. Breeds in this category tend to live longer than larger breeds however they can be prone to one or two health issues like hip dysplasia and patella luxation. If you have limited space in your home, then a small dog may make the perfect companion for you.

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Do I Or Don’t I Crate My Dog – Is it Really Cruel to Use A Cage?

Dog in Crate


When is it ok To Crate or cage your Dog or is it never ok to cage your dog. This question has been put to me several times since my recent post about adoption of an adult dog, so I thought it time to write a blog post on this very subject “Do I Or Don’t I Crate My Dog?” That is the question.

Short Answer

Without appearing to sit on the fence. Yes and No. Sometimes it is, and often it is most definitely not ok to cage your dog. Let me show you! Continue reading “Do I Or Don’t I Crate My Dog – Is it Really Cruel to Use A Cage?”