Best Orthopedic Dog Beds – Reviews

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Recently I have noticed Dolly, my 14 year old Westie, is very stiff upon waking, it takes her a while to stretch and walk and seems to be in a bit of pain, similar in many ways to me upon waking. I have the luxury of a memory foam mattress and know the difference it can make to stiff joints and getting a good night’s sleep. So I began to think is there something similar for dogs. I found there was indeed something similar for dogs. Continue reading “Best Orthopedic Dog Beds – Reviews”

How To Keep Your Dog Occupied – 5 Best Ideas

Keeping Your Dog Occupied 

Dogs can have a low boredom threshold when left alone, some can suffer with boredom or it may escalate to “separation anxiety”,  the result can often end with you being greeted on return to the home with an unholy mess. Dolly as mentioned in previous posts could suffer with boredom,  my new job was keeping me away for longer.  How did I keep my dog occupied when away from home?  I found the answer with food.

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Indoor Pet Cameras – Useful or Just Another Gadget

The Best 4 Pet Cams


Why Do I need a Pet Cam – Is it Just Another Fancy Gadget?

There could be a few reasons why you are reading this blog, perhaps your dog is suffering with Separation Anxiety, or your dog is new to your household, could be he is a bit mischievous when you are absent, or you have been told by the neighbours he barks a lot. What ever your reason, you are looking for a possible solution and feel a Pet Camera may be the answer. They have improved hugely over the last few years. More affordable, easy to use and operate from your mobile and should you require can even talk to your dogs through the camera. Looking at specifically Indoor Pet Cameras, but not just for your dog they can be used for a good deal of other surveillance situations.

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